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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Flash? What is HTML?

A. Most of our designs are available in a Flash version and an HTML version. The Flash version typically has movement associated with the design. For example, if you experience constant motion throughout the website, then it is most likely using flash. HTML is more easily recognized in search engines for optimization, but lacks the movement that Flash offers. Your project manager will help you make the best decision based on your business and marketing needs.

Q2. What if I don't see my business category listed? -or- What if I did a keyword search and didn't find anything what should I do?

A. We have over 25,000 designs and over 101 categories. The beauty of our system is that all you have to do is find a design that appeals to you. We will take your images and content to customize the design to reflect your particular business needs. For example: if you own a bakery and you find a design you love, but it features images of a doctor. We can easily swap the pictures of the doctor and replace them with the images you prefer and customize the design to fit your needs.

Q3. Are the images included in the design?

A. Yes! All of our images are royalty free and included in the design; however, we can incorporate your own images if you wish. You may also provide us with images you purchase from an online stock photography company. If you supply pictures, please ensure that they are atleast 400x400 pixels in width and height. Smaller images chosen for thumbnails may be smaller.

Q4. How long does it take to get my site complete?

A. Once payment has been processed, your design will be loaded into our visual collaboration tool within 24 hours. Using our easy visual collaboration tool, your project manager will guide you on how to submit revisions on your design. You may make requests, provide any content, and supply images you may want integrated into your website. From the day that you provide us all of your content, we will provide the first version of your site within 7 days. Typically the site meets all of your needs during the first version. Sometimes you may have some small remaining revisions. From the day you supply us your final revisions, the second version of your site will be available within 5 days.

Q5. How does flash affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

A. An HTML site is more easily indexed by the search engines because all of the content of the site is "visible" to the search engine. We have two types of Flash sites. One type has a "Flash header" where only the upper portion of the site is in flash and the lower portion is in HTML (best of both worlds). Other Flash sites are entirely in Flash, which can create some dramatic effects. Certain business types that rely on a flashy images may receive more value in the interactive design than an HTML site. Speak to one of our project managers today so that they can help direct you on which design will work best for your unique business needs.

Q6. What if the domain name I want is already taken?

A. There are billions (with a 'B') of websites and there is a good chance that your first pick will not be available, but don't fret! There are many creative options. One option is to vary the extension of your site. For example: .TV domains are becoming increasingly more popular (especially if you incorporate any type of video into your site). Short web URLs used to be the trend, but now there is a growing movement to use a phrase as your domain name. For example: in the past, someone who owns a hand lotion company may have used your company name as your URL (yourbrand.com). However, a clever URL might be www.iwantsoftskin.com where the URL is a phrase that describes your product. Call us today and we can walk you through registering your domain name at hosting.175webdesign.com.

Q7. Will I be able to update the site myself?

A. You need to be a skilled web developer to make traditional changes to your site; however, we have developed an online content management system that will allow you to make small text and image changes yourself. You may license our content management system for $175 per month. This option is recommended for businesses that will be making frequent updates to their site. Another option is to use a wordpress blog design. Wordpress allows you to easily make posts and updates to your site with no programming experience. The only additional requirement is to have a hosting account for $9.98 per month, which you can quickly setup at hosting.175webdesign.com.

Q8. What is a hosting account?

A. When a visitor views your website, they are accessing your website files on a host computer. In order for internet visitors to see your site, then your files need to be saved on a host server. Hosts charge a fee for this service in order to store your website files and serve them up to people surfing the internet 24/7. The other option is to buy an expensive server, install software, and maintain the server yourself. The time, cost and knowledge required is very high and can quickly become a full time job. Renting space on a server is referred to as a hosting account. We provide hosting account services for as low as $9.98 per month. If you have already registered your domain name and have hosting setup, then you will need to provide FTP login info so we can upload your web design to your site. Please visit hosting.175webdesign.com to learn more about the options we can provide you for hosting and domains.

Q9. What is CRM?

A. CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. We have a powerful web based CRM that will collect information from your visitors on your site and put them (populate them) into an easy to use system for you to follow up with later. You have the option of having the CRM remind you to contact these new customers and will even contact them for you automatically.

Q10. Who do you recommend for domain name registration and for hosting?

A. We offer domain registration as well as hosting. More information is available at hosting.175webdesign.com.

Q11. Can you help me create content for my site?

A. Yes, we provide copywriting services. Our expert copywriters will learn about you and then help write compelling content that gets results for only $75 per page. Please ask your project manager, if you think you need this service.

Q12. What is a Favicon and why would I want one with my website?

A. Increase visibility and standing out among cluttered browsers by adding a FREE favicon! A favicon is a small website icon or URL icon similar to the little "175" sphere you see in the upper left corner of this screen. A web designer can create such an icon and install it on your website. Most web browsers will then make use of it. Favicons are typically displayed at the upper left hand corner of the page in the browsers address bar and next to the page name in a list of bookmarks. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a favicon next to the page title on the tab.

Q13. Can I talk to the same project manager if I call back or use Live Chat with an Expert?

A. Your project manager will be available for you during your entire web design process. Simply call our toll free number and say your project manager's name or enter their extension to be connected.

Q14. I'm on a budget and I have never owned a website, what are my startup costs?

A. The bare essentials are:
                  1. A domain name (typically under $12 per year),
                  2. A hosting account (as low as $9.98 per month),
                  3. A web design layout (typically from $40 to $120), and
                  4. Minimal customization.
Our customization fees are $175 per page with a 4 page minimum. As your budget allows, we highly recommend adding extras to your site such as video, live chat, a CRM, and a dynamically integrated phone system.

Q15. I'm not tech savvy and this is my first website. How hard is it to use the visual collaboration tool, so, I can communicate my customization requests to you?

A. The collaboration tool is very easy to use. You never have to worry about cropping and positioning photos because all you have to do is simply type a note and select the image on your computer. Our system will automatically upload the image and our experienced web developers will take care of the rest. You may access the tool at: clients.175webdesign.com.

Q16. What will it cost if I need to make a change to my design down the road... like add a new logo, change the color scheme, or add another page?

A. If you have a maintenance plan with us for $299 down and $99 per month then you get 30 minutes of updates and hosting per month. Otherwise, updates are reviewed on a case by cases basis and a quote will be provided. As always, additional pages are $175 per page.

Q17. Do I need a domain name and hosting account before I choose a web design and you begin customizing my site?

A. No, it is not mandatory. However, you will need to have a domain name and hosting account before your site can be posted live on the Internet and viewed by visitors.

Q18. How can I get a domain name and hosting account? Is this a separate purchase from the design & website?

A. Yes, a domain name and hosting account is a separate transaction. You may purchase a domain name and a hosting plan at hosting.175webdesign.com. It is much easier to manage if the domain and hosting accounts are purchased at the same time under one account. Domain names can cost from under $10 to $20 per year and is a yearly fee. Hosting accounts range from $9.98 per month to $12.98 per month depending on the term. The longer the term, the lower montly cost.

Q19. What is FTP?

A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is the technical term to send files over the Internet. This is the standard network protocol used to upload your files to your hosting account so visitors can view your website live on the Internet. Your project manager will need the FTP login information to upload your website to the Internet. You will need to provide your project manager the your FTP Login Information as follows:
              1. Host URL
              2. Username (case sensitive)
              3. Password (case sensitive)
If you do not know where to find your FTP Login Information, you will need to provide your username and password to your hosting account.:
              1. Webiste to log in to. If you purchased your hosting account with us, it will be: hosting.175webdesign.com.
              2. Username or Log In (case sensitive)
              3. Password (case sensitive)
All of this information may be sent to your project manager using our online visual collaboration tool. Your project manager will show you how to do this.

Q20. What if I own a domain name with another company, but just purchased a hosting account with you?

A. We will simply need to log in to your Domain Control Panel and redirect your DNS settings to our server. You will need to provide your project manager the your Domain Control Panel Login Information as follows:
              1. Webiste to log in to. If you purchased your domain with us, it will be: hosting.175webdesign.com.
              2. Username or Log In (case sensitive)
              3. Password (case sensitive)

Q21. What is a DNS?

A. DNS stands for Domain Name System. This is what allows us to use names meaningful to humans in place of typing an IP Address, such as The DNS is like a phone book. It assigns names to numbers so that we can remember names instead of numbers. It is much easier to say "go to www.175webdesign.com" than it is to say tell someone to go to a long string of numbers. It would become very confusing if you had to remember a lot of numbers for every website you like to visit instead of their name.

     DNS also refers to your DNS server settings within your Domain Control Panel. This is where the domain account is instructed to retrieve your website located at a specific DNS. The DNS settings of your domain are found in the hosting account. So, it is important to have your domain settings 'pointing' to the correct hosting account server in order to have your site be seen on the Internet.